Darrien Boling: The Designer
 I am a designer with a particular passion for the web. From wire-frame to code, I am experienced in developing for the modern web.
 However, I don’t just do websites. Designing logos, flyers and business cards are well within my scope of focus.
 Capturing the unique personality of every project is my primary goal. Every person, business and organization has a story to tell. And, there’s no better way to tell it than with a good design.
Darrien Boling: The Person
 I am an ambitious individual who believes a good work ethic and determination will get a person far.
 Innovation excites me, and being on the cutting edge is one of my favorite pass times. I pick up new concepts quickly. So, I'm always tinkering with the latest gadgets and software.
 But, meaningful connections are really what makes it worth getting up in the morning. My favorite book says, “A man that has friends must show himself friendly.” And, that’s what I aim to do: be friendly and get to know people.

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